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Email Blast 8.13.18

Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

Another beautiful weekend I hope that you were able to enjoy it. I travelled to Davenport Iowa where I attended homecoming at Palmer College of Chiropractic. This is where my son Chip goes to college and will graduate this coming February, afterwards joining me in the office. We went to many classes and lectures and met a lot of great people. Chiropractic is a great profession in that most of the people there are very positive and working towards getting people healthy. It was great to be around like-minded people.
The 1st article this is called an Update on the Fight for Mercury Free Dentistry. We find that over 90% of our patients that come in for nutritional checks have Mercury toxicity in them and this most always comes from their “silver” amalgams in their teeth. These amalgams are 50% mercury by weight and Mercury is a known neurotoxin, there is no debate about this. We have ways of detoxifying the body from this heavy metal, and others, so tell your friends to get the Mercury out and we can help with that here at Natural Health.

The 2nd article this week is entitled Are Many Fish Oils Synthetic? This is another eyeopening article exposing the manufacturers of many fish oils that are making synthetic products, that of course, don’t work in the human body and they are a rip-off. We carry topof-the-line fish oil products here at Natural Health and know how to check the body to make sure the patient is absorbing them and utilizing them correctly. You need to eat food to be healthy, not synthetic junk.

The bonus article this week looks at an Organic Egg Farmer Wages War on “Health” Agency. I put this article in here so that people will learn that government agencies are not on your side but are tied to big business. The FDA is especially tied into the pharmaceutical businesses which have some very strange ways of looking at health. The article goes on to tell us that they even classify chocolate pudding and toaster pastries as “healthy”. We see the results of this every day at Natural Health with patients that are suffering from nutritional deficiencies due to this bad information. We have a very good success rate with our patients and can help you and yours Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live Well
- Dr. Mark

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