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Email Blast 10.8.18

Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

I hope that you enjoyed your weekend despite the rainy weather. Looks like it’s getting closer to the time when we must find our winter coats and be prepared for freezes. Hopefully we’ll have some Indian summer coming up soon, it’s way too early to run the furnace all the time. As folks get out in the cold and are around others who are coughing and sneezing, we start to use a lot more Congaplex to help the white blood cells strengthen and increase immunity for the winter months. This will be especially true after the holidays coming up. Broncaffect is another great tool we have for bronchial infections with that terrible cough. We also have our Herbal Throat Spray for those sore throats. No drugs and no side effects, just good nutrition.

Continuing our theme for October as it is National Chiropractic Health Month, I’ve included a couple articles to help explain the importance of this theme. The 1st one is called Chiropractic and the Immune System. It’s a short article but explains some powerful concepts-that regular chiropractic adjustments can improve your ability to fight basic disease processes like flu, colds, allergies, etc. There is also an explanation of helping the body to prevent cancer as they received regular chiropractic adjustments. This only makes sense as a chiropractic adjustment releases the normal nerve energy that allows the body to heal itself correctly and naturally. Adjustments are not just for pain relief, although they work great for that, but also help the body in so many other ways as all the body’s organs and glands are controlled by the nervous system, either directly or indirectly through the glandular system that is controlled by the nervous system.

The 2nd little handout looks at the reasoning why Chiropractic Doesn’t Costs, It Saves! And this is not only money but time, pain and discomfort, and lives. As you look at the article, you can imagine how much money and time is saved by the fewer amount of hospital days and hospital admissions. And how about all those side effects from the medications and the additional problems they cause. And all those unnecessary surgeries and the resultant weaknesses and disability. We should all get regular chiropractic adjustments to Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live Well. -Dr. Mark

Health Education Workshop: Tuesday, October 16 at 5:00 pm – Feeling Anxious or Depressed

Patient Testimony:I used to have headaches 24/7 for well over 3 years. I tried everything. I got every test imaginable. Had MRA, CT Scan, MRI, all the blood work you can have, seen an allergist.No one found anything. Acupuncture didn’t help.

How it is now:

Now I have lighter headaches to days where I actually have no headaches. I am improving. I still have a ways to go. I look forward to having no more headaches! GP


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