A Common Thread

Good morning, noon, or night Natural Health Family. I imagine everyone had a great weekend and got outside to enjoy some great weather. I recently researched that around ⅓ of adults in the United States have some metabolic issue or have what would be called metabolic syndrome. I bring this up because this week we are talking about fatty liver dis-ease. Our health is becoming a greater concern for many, but let’s break it down and see how we can simplify the process to put to rest the confusion of how we got this way in the first place.

As we all know many health practitioners specify with different issues. This could range from medical specialists such as a heart surgeon to a podiatrist, from a chiropractor to an acupuncturist, and many others. The main goal for all of these practitioners is to allow the body to be able to heal. When we think of metabolic issues such as fatty liver dis-ease, we can sometimes think there is something broken that needs to be fixed or even taken out. This is because we specialize and in doing so we have focused on the parts rather than the whole of a person. Of course, this is not wrong because in emergencies it can be very helpful. However, we must come to realize the power and intelligence the body has which, when allowed to and supported in the correct ways, can self-heal and self-regulate.

Our metabolism is important for many processes in the body and is needed for our energy and the proper functioning of our body. With all the new advances and technology in the world, we forget the wisdom that our ancestors knew and how to be healthy. Although there is so much information out there on what to do, it’s good to slow down, listen to our bodies, and feel what is best for us at the time. We are all different in how we see things but health can be common for all when we can be open to receiving the healing that comes from within ourselves. Lift others up and enjoy your week!

– Dr. Chip