A Different Lens

 Hello Natural Health Family. It appears that spring is here with fluctuations of warm and cold. As the season changes we start to see things differently such as the changing colors of the grass and trees. We start to notice different nuances that we might have not been able to notice before. Whether it is the anticipation of new activities that we can do or just more sunshine, our attitude changes. When our attitude changes about life in general than we have a different view of it. Today let’s examine the idea between life happening to you and life happening for you. 

Some may think life is happening to them. This of course is not a wrong way of thinking. However, it may lead people to think that they can’t do anything about it and then complain when something doesn’t go the way that they want it to. This may lead to reasoning that they can’t get what they want and life is always going to be like this. People then tend to think that no matter what they do life will always be an uphill battle. This causes others to be pessimistic about life and which makes them look for proof of how the world is a negative place. Our minds then start to look for confirmation to fit this way of thinking and we get stuck in an endless cycle of negative thinking causing illness and turmoil in our lives.  

Others think that life happens for them. When we go through life we of course meet obstacles. Facing these obstacles can seem challenging and at times impossible to overcome. Nevertheless, when we choose to take the stand and look at them as life lessons we then see life as a great teacher. When we are able to keep an open mind and learn from these lessons then we are able to grow. Just like a kid learning a new skill and meeting challenges needs the help of a teacher or coach, we too can learn more about life when we choose to see it through a different lens. 

When we react to different situations in life we will always feel as though life is always out to get us. This has been hardwired in us for many years so that we could survive the worst case scenarios. Life has ups and downs but it’s about how we choose to perceive it that will help us stay strong in any situation. Everyone has or is going through stressful times, but the biggest life lessons are not in our successes but our failures. It is up to us to learn what we can and move on so that we may pass what we have learned, if they are willing to learn, to others. Have a great day! 

Dr. Chip