A Different Perspective

 Hello Natural Health Family. Today we will discuss health and disease. However, not in a way that is commonly discussed. We tend to think in ways that have been previously taught to us in the past. Lets challenge those thoughts and see if they are actually true. 

When you hear infectious or the word contagious what do you think? You might think of the common cold. You, if at a younger age, might think of cooties. You might think of the flu. You might think of a virus. Now, it is good to practice hygiene and know what to do in case of sickness. However, what if we thought about other things being contagious. When you see someone who is laughing or having a good time do you start to smile? When you hear someone talk nicely about someone else do you feel lighter or happier? When you get help from someone else whether it is performing a task or the other person just thought you might want some help with anything do you feel more apt to help the next person in need? When a stranger offers to pay for the next person in the line at the store do you feel you want to help someone else too? Why do you think you start feeling that way after an event like ones mentioned? It is because we are fundamentally wired to help others. And just like sickness may be able to spread to others, let’s not forget how acts of kindness leading to better feelings can help others health and well being as well. 

When you go about your day do you feel that you look for the bad or the good in life. Do you notice that when one thing goes wrong then it starts a cascading effect? Our brains, when in survival or overdrive mode, tend to look for what could go wrong. It is on high alert. This is not such a bad thing as it helped humans survive for thousands of years. However, no organism can live well when in that state for extended periods of time. So if we are constantly on the lookout for threats such as someone who is going to attack us or even a virus that may infect us then we are weakening ourselves. When we are able to start looking for the good more often, we are training ourselves not to be stuck in the survival pattern. This helps us to have more energy for ourselves. More energy leads to greater health and equips us to be more adaptable to anything in our environment. 

When we challenge what we have previously learned about health and disease, then we can take a different approach. When we change the way we look at the world the world starts to change. This world is changing and we have the choice to be better to ourselves and others so that we can adapt to the change.

Thanks for reading!

-Dr. Chip