A quick description of Chiropractic, Activator adjusting

is the drugless, nonsurgical way of helping the body to not only relieve neck
and back pain, as are the popular notions of this time, but also to open the
neural pathways to all the organs and glands of the body and allow the natural
innate healing energy of the brain to flow unimpeded, thereby promoting true
natural health.
Activator adjusting technique is a way of moving the misaligned and fixated
spinal and other bones of the body that are impinging upon nerves leading to
lack of normal function, and causing dis-ease. The Activator instrument
restores the bone to its normal position quickly and painlessly because of its
speed, accuracy, and light touch. Removing this nerve interference allows the
innate healing energy of the body to flow to the organs and glands allowing the
body to function normally at optimal levels, and alleviating the symptoms of
pain from inflammation, which the body produces to ask for help.
At Natural
Health, Dr. Mark uses the activator adjusting technique primarily to help
restore normal nerve function without aggravating adjacent tissues, but is
well-trained in other forms of adjusting and can use those as the body will
allow. The idea is to not require x-rays to adjust a patient as x-rays are
expensive and the radiation is cumulative and carcinogenic. If x-rays are
needed for whatever purpose, or policy is to refer that patient to their MD so
that both professions can use the same set of films or MRI, and insurance
coverage works well.