Hello Natural Health Family. We are getting closer to spring (or it feels like it, thank you Midwest weather) and that means a time for change. As we go from winter to spring we enter a new phase of life. We will start to see changes in a lot of different areas including the weather and also the amount of activities we can do outside. Life is forever changing and it is our ability to adapt to it that helps us live it well. 

A great man once said that if he had to sum up everything he learned about the health and well being of people in the world it could be summarized into one word ADAPTABILITY. This seems very true in regards to everything that happens throughout our lives. When we apply this area not only to our health needs but all other areas of life we can see that it is vital to help us keep going. You may have stopped and looked around at how fast it appears that this world is changing. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming. The changes in technological advances, the changes in our health, the economic factors, etc. We can be prepared for many of the life events but there are times that you can’t prepare because it is too sudden. This is ok because it is a part of life as well. That means that as much as we can prepare for everything we must be able to adapt as well. It is our ability to self regulate that will help us be healthy and better weather any storm that comes. 

Like a rollercoaster life can have highs and lows. We may never know where anyone is in his or her life. So when we can offer our kindness or generosity it may lessen that person’s low and help them realize that the low’s are a part of life but not the whole of it. I encourage you this week to offer a helping hand to someone you know or you don’t know this week. Thanks for reading.