Addressing Health Issues Without Overmedication

Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

I hope that you had a great weekend and got rested up for the upcoming 4th of July festivities.  I’m looking very forward to seeing the stars and stripes waving and the fireworks displays.  This country needs to celebrate its uniqueness and freedoms.  I’m already tired of the campaigning stuff.  Let’s all concentrate on being happy and healthy and enjoying life.  We get a lot of people healthy here at Natural Health and they’re happy because they have the energy they need to enjoy life.

The article than sending along this week looks at a diagnosis called Failure To Thrive.  The article goes into an explanation of why this diagnosis should not be used.  It’s basically talking about a diagnosis that’s covering up underlying problems and because they use this diagnosis wordage, they never find the underlying cause of the problems and the patient suffers and is put on more medication to handle symptoms.  This whole country is on way too many drugs and I’m talking about prescription drugs here.  While prescription drugs may be necessary for a short-term emergency situation, they are not nutrition and do not help the body to heal itself.  On the contrary, most prescription medications are hard on the liver and kidneys and makes the underlying condition worse.  Other diagnosis is like “obesity” as the cause, and “fibromyalgia” as a cause deal with the same problem.  These diagnoses are not the cause but are the result of poor diet and environmental management.  We need to realize that the human body can only be well if taken care of properly, as it was meant to be with good foods, low stress, sunshine, and a positive attitude.  Covering up symptoms with medication is not healthy!

We’re into the month of July so our health shop topics have changed.  This month we’re talking about Summer Fun and some of the conditions that come from that.  This week we’re talking about dehydration and how easy it is to get that condition, and how simple it is to not get that condition.  People seem to think that drinking water is all you need to worry about with hydration.  They forget about the electrolytes that are necessary for the body to work correctly.  And I’m not talking about high energy caffeine sugar drinks.  Caffeine has a tendency to dehydrate the body and the high amount of the processed sugar in these drinks also dehydrate the body and causes many other problems-like diabetes.  As we talked about earlier, there are certain rules you must follow to help the human body be healthy.  Beware of all the sales and promotional gimmicks that you see out there when just getting good quality water and using sea salt or mineral salt is all you need to stay hydrated correctly.  We help many, many people with hydration here at Natural Health.  Realize that when a person passes out from dehydration, the IV they put into their arm is saline solution-or salt and water. 

Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live Well

-Dr. Mark