Another Beautiful Weekend

 Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

                I hope
that you enjoyed your weekend, whatever you were doing. The weather was
beautiful and it was a good time to get outside and things done. Memorial Day
sort of signals the beginning of summer activities and hopefully the weather
stays like it is now, less humid and not as hot as it can be around here. I’ve
been reminding patients to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water and good
fluids and not forgetting about the electrolytes, which is a fancy word for
salt. I’m talking about sea salt and mineral salt here, not the junk white salt
that’s in all the restaurants and all the snack foods in the world. Staying
hydrated with fluids and electrolytes helps you feel good, having plenty of
energy over the summer, and being able to enjoy the outdoors in the heat. A
good indicator of dehydration is that you just don’t feel well in the heat and
need to be in the air conditioning. We want to be able to enjoy the outdoors
now while we can be out there, and not wish for during the winter time when we

                This is
the last week that we will be talking about Women’s Health as part of our Health
Shops and Patient Education Workshops. Next month will be about Men’s Health
but to realize that we keep the information fairly broad and most of the
information will help both genders to be healthy. That is really what were up
to here at Natural Health, just getting people to understand that you can be
healthy and prevent most all of the disease that people have problems with. It
really isn’t even that hard but you must have a way of deciding that. This is
what Nutrition Response Testing is all about. This technique gives me a way of
asking your body what it needs to be healthy and then with good diet
information, ways to keep you healthy over the long term, which allows the body
to heal, especially if there’s been health issues for years, and even sometimes,
decades. The body is meant to be well, you just have to remove the barriers,
like heavy metal toxicity, and let the body heal itself. We do it all the time
here at Natural Health.

article that I’m sending along looks at a type of disease that is unknown but
happens anyway, with fatal results. As we talked about in the previous
paragraph, the goal is to not get to the point where you find out about these
fatal or debilitating disease processes. Again, the body is meant to be well
and can get itself well if the barriers are removed, and the body is fed
correctly so that it can have the building blocks it needs to propel itself
towards health. Health is not just being pain free, but actually having energy
for all the organs and organ systems to work, and being able to enjoy life and
not be on tons of medication to control symptoms. A healthy body should not
have any symptoms. 

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Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live Well

Dr. Mark