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Another great weekend and isn’t it nice that everything is staying so green. There’s been many years that by this time It is dry and brown but this year is different. I don’t even mind cutting grass as long as it stays this pretty and the flowers are blooming and the trees are in great shape. As we head into August , we usually get past the real hot weather and look forward to nice temperatures and lower humidity. It’s a great time of year to enjoy the outdoors.

     A catchphrase that I have been using on all my social media videos is “Don’t Worry, Be Healthy”. The article I’m sending along looks at the fear-mongering that has happened in the mainstream media and driven this pandemic bologna for so long. Our thought here at Natural Health is that you should just stay healthy and have a strong immune system so that you don’t have to worry about all the bugs and such out there in our environment. There are so many good ways to help the immune system be strong and to help our bodies be healthy and they have been suppressed by mainstream medicine for decades. The one good thing about this pandemic business is that many things are starting to come to light and we’re seeing the medical tyranny and false information, even many medical doctors are seeing that this is not the way to be healthy. Mainstream medicine does a great  job with trauma and emergency situations but their track record is terrible with degenerative diseases brought on by poor diet and environmental causes. You won’t get a good outcome treating nutritional disease with drugs. The symptoms may be better for a short while but then more problems will follow and that is why we see all the problems with degenerative diseases in this country like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, Etc. It’s very apparent for those that are listening and looking for the answers but if you just want to put your head in the sand and believe the white coats, you will have big problems, and much expense. At Natural Health, we work towards getting our patients healthy and doing it in a way that is not expensive and is very efficient. Our nutritional supplements actually work and we have many success stories to share from  patients who have been through our program and are doing very well. We are here to help you be healthy and not worry about all the bugs and such out there.

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Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live Well

Dr. Mark