Best BBQ Yet!

 Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation –

     What a glorious weekend, the weather was the best we’ve had this year. The Temperature was nice and humidity was low and it was glorious. I hope you all can get out into the nice weather as much as possible because we know what’s coming in a few months. I’m still surprised to see the grass fairly green and the tree leaves are all green yet but some are coming down, so we know that fall is approaching. I’ll start talking about things to help keep the immune system working well during the winter weather as we’re still fighting this virus business, whatever it is. Don’t forget about our health shops that we have on Monday nights that you can view on, Rumble, and YouTube, after we record them. Also remember that we have free consultations here at Natural Health so that any person you may know that doesn’t know what we do can come in and ask questions and see what it’s all about. With all the confusion in the mainstream medical system right now, we really enjoy helping folks understand what it takes to be truly healthy. Please help us to help them.

     The article that I’m sending along has two parts to it. The first part is that the mainstream media is definitely lying about many things and making up stories to fit their agenda and  narratives. For many people out there this may not be a new thought but many people are still trying to wake up. Many out there may already understand that what you see on TV and radio is not always true. The second part is that there are many other good treatments for this virus business that are being suppressed by the mainstream for whatever reason. I’m even hearing stories about someone treating for the virus business and having good results on the other problems they had with the same medication. and this is treatment.  At Natural Health we work more towards prevention and have the tools and skills necessary to keep people from having problems with a virus or other health issues. The body is such an amazing Being and that it has the ability to heal itself and keep itself well if barriers are removed and it is fed correctly. One of the problems with our society as we are so geared towards processed foods and junk stuff and celebrating  holidays with sweet Foods and drinks and it’s no wonder we have health issues. That needs to change if we are to beat this virus business and any other chronic disease issues that have been plaguing this country for decades.

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