Better Together

 Welcome back Natural Health Family. It was a great weather weekend and I hope everyone took advantage of getting outside to experience it. More holidays are fast approaching. Also, of course, we are still going through much involving politics and different national and worldwide conditions. Being aware of everything is good so we know what is going on. However, in this talk I wanted to share some insights of the idea of connection and why it is important for everyone. 

Connection plays an important role in all of our lives. There are many ways to discuss connection, but let’s consider our own bodies. Imagine the trillions of cells that are performing the trillions of activities needed to sustain life. Picture if you will the cells that come together to form the ligaments in your body, the tissues keeping your body in one piece, the organs to carry out vital life processes, your brain helping direct those specific actions and functions, etc. When we think about the makeup of our own bodies it can be fascinating to realize how connection is crucial to maintain and sustain life. All of the cells of your body are connected through a communication of our nervous system. This helps all the cells to know what is going on. Now think for a moment if some cells forget their role in the body because they are not connected somehow and do their own thing. Since all of the cells have an integral part in the health of the body this would cause a dysfunction of some sort of area in the body leading to illness or dis-ease. So you could consider how connection even in our own bodies is important for health and well-being. 

Now let’s consider ourselves and the world around us. In recent times it appears that we are being more separated through various means. The means be it political, public, or personal influences may seem justified to promote safety for all. However, this separation either physically or by different group mentalities causes us to feel less and less connected to the whole. This leads us to more fear and panic. The separation is supposed to help to limit spread of infection but that is only the case when it is used in small time frames. When a protocol of separation is administered for long periods of time it weakens our bodies and causes us to be more susceptible to other illnesses. Thus causing the issue it is trying to avoid. Our connection with others and the life around us helps to promote a balanced brain and body allowing health to be more fully expressed. 

Before reading the information above you may have thought of connection as your internet access, your wifi connection, how the television is working, etc. But now you can realize that connection is much more than that. Our connection to others and the world around us is not only important for social well being, it also is important for our health as individuals and as a society. Just like the cells who work together for the common good to promote healthy functioning of all the systems, we as people must also come together and help others feel part of the whole. It is up to all of us to encourage others to find common ground and work together.