Brain Activity

 Hello Natural Health Family. Today I wanted to share more on how our thoughts can play a factor in our health. I think many people understand to a certain degree that our thinking can influence our health. Therefore, I wanted to further inform you on just how that works and why it is important to realize the power of our thought in regards to our health and well being. 

What is an important difference between humans and animals in regards to brain activity? It is our ability to think. Animals tend to be focused on what is going on around them at the present time. Humans have the ability not to just think about what is happening now but to reason what will happen next based on past experiences. This was a unique ability that helped humans survive many events. However, this once great tool has now become a hindrance to our own health because we have lost our correct reasoning abilities. We tend to reason what will happen negatively rather than positively. You might say, well preparing for the worst is a good thing. I am not saying it is right or wrong to prepare, but when we start to fear, worry, doubt, etc. we now put our health at stake. 

When you picture yourself on stage speaking to a crowd of hundreds of people how do you feel? Do you feel tense, a little scared, worried you will mess up? Do memories of the past come up in your mind rerunning the bad “mess-ups” that happened? Your brain is a very amazing and complex “machine.” If used correctly can serve as a very powerful tool for life. However, the brain doesn’t know the difference from what you experience physically and what you imagine in your head. Imagine playing a scene over and over of something that you fear or worry about. Your brain will think it is living in that scene. Many times our brain does this without us being aware. It is doing this because it wants us to survive. Then the body responds by making the chemicals needed for those events. 

Thoughts that we think create different chemicals in the body. When we think negatively than our body produces chemicals which make us feel a certain emotion. Some thoughts can make us feel angry, upset, worried, jealous, etc. It also works the other way. When there is an event in our life that makes us feel a certain way, then we start having thoughts associated with that feeling. This thinking to feeling and feeling to thinking loop can cause ill effects to our health. If we continually think and feel negatively then we cause our bodies to become tense and our energy which is vital for our own health is directed outside of us which takes away energy from our body. This leaves us with less energy for our systems needed to self heal and self regulate. So I ask you, do you think that fear and other negative thoughts have any influence on your health? Do you think that negative thoughts can make you sick? If that is the case then what if we turned it around. If negative thoughts make you sick do you think positive thoughts can make you well? 

We sometimes forget the power of our own minds. Many people tend to get comfortable thinking about all the wrong that could happen rather than all the right that can happen. This world is going through a time of change, but it needs direction. Direction happens not just in the mind of one person but in all people. Fear and negativity can be contagious but so can love and positivity. It is our choice to choose what direction we want to go forth. If it were up to me, I would choose the latter. Thanks for reading!