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Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

            What a great weekend, again! It got
pretty warm on us but we had some cloud cover and it seems that we better enjoy
the warm weather while it’s still here. I noticed a couple of yellow leaves on
a tree in our yard today so were headed towards Fall eventually. This time of
the year is so great with everything being so green yet but we know that Fall
is coming and the beautiful temperatures and harvest during that time will be
endearing. The only problem is what comes after but we will be healthy and

            Our topic for this month is brain
health and we will be talking about how to help students learn more in school
during our health shop’s this week. There is so much that parents can do to
help their children have an easier time at school, and especially this year
with the virus junk, it’s going to be a challenge. Not only are there great
ways to help with diets but we have special nutrition here at the office to
help with learning abilities. These are not drugs but are food supplements.
With our Nutrition Response Testing technique, we can, in real time, figure out
what a body needs to be healthy and work at optimum. This includes kids.

            The article I’m sending along is an
interesting one in that it talks about medical doctors trying to get
information out to people and are being censored. I find it very interesting
that even a group of medical doctors are not being allowed to express their
opinion on a treatment. And who is behind the censorship, big Pharma of course.
Money, power, and greed are the driving factors here. I’ve already seen in some
of the videos I’ve watched of MDs who are losing their license because of
trying to get the truth out there. Question then becomes-how can you trust
anything coming from mainstream medicine? The report card on mainstream
medicine is the fact that half of the American population is overweight, if not
more, and a 3rd is diabetic. Big Pharma wants it this way so they
can sell more drugs and make more money and have more control. This virus
business is bringing a lot of this out into the open.

            At Natural Health, we strive to bring
our patients truthful information and get them healthy so they can stay out of
the mainstream medical system. Think about what that might be worth to you-to
just be healthy? 

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Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live Well

-Dr. Mark