Hello Natural Health Family. Can you feel spring in the air yet? As we head into spring we start to notice the changes all around. The grass is greener, the trees are starting to fill up and birds are singing. Change happens all around us everyday of our lives. Let’s talk about one thing that changes but that we have control of, our breath. 

Have you ever considered what is regulating your breathing? We often take for granted the intelligence of our own bodies. Imagine if you had to monitor your breath all day so that you could stay alive. That would be exhausting! So you see now that this intelligence that is regulating our breath helps us out tremendously. It is what keeps us alive and well. However, when we are influenced by various events in our lives like what is on the news, unexpected circumstances, and other things in life with business, relationships, etc. then our bodies respond by changing our breathing. This is to help us adapt to that certain stress in our lives. When we don’t embrace, learn and move on from the certain event that happened in our life, our bodies stay stuck to that response. It thinks it needs to still adapt to that issue or event that happened. When we are more aware of how we may react to different events in our lives and then, sooner rather than later, choose to take time to slow down and breath we are starting the process of helping ourselves move from being a victim to taking back control of the way we live our lives. 

The ability to control our breathing gives us power to help regulate our bodily systems. When we become unbalanced and unable to adapt to life circumstances, then we are going down the road of pain and suffering. When we choose to notice our breath we can ultimately join the same intelligence that is making it happen. This allows us to reconnect to our body. This helps balance out our nervous systems which allows our bodies to better heal and adapt to the stressors of life. 

Our breath is very important. From the time we are born to the time we leave this world, our breath is what fuels are bodies and gives us life. This doesn’t mean we have to be constantly aware of it and monitoring it. However, it does mean that we can respect it and connect with it when we need to. There will always be change in our lives and that can be scary. When we are able to embrace change as being an essential part of our lives, then it becomes less fearful and more joyful. So try it out today and when you feel upset about something then come back to your breath and see how you start to see the situation at hand differently.

I hope everyone has a great week!

Dr. Chip