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      I hope that you all had a great weekend, even though the weather wasn’t fantastic. It is January so getting by with  not much snow or ice is a plus. It’s still very important to keep your immune system working well and especially watching the vitamin D level. We make sure our patients eat plenty of good oils as the source for vitamin D, and then use a suntan bed once a week if possible to activate the vitamin D. We’re seeing so much of this even in the mainstream media, on the need for Vitamin D to keep the immune system working correctly. This is for the Covid virus and all other infections as well. There are plenty of other ways to help the immune system, things like vitamin C, getting plenty of rest, keeping stress to a minimum, etc. At Natural Health, we help our patients to know what they need to be at Optimum Health and not have to worry about the environment and bugs.

     The topic for this week is exercise and breathing. People that have sedentary jobs need to really work at some exercise of some sort, even if it is just walking on a treadmill  or outside if the weather permits. Especially with this lockdown business and working from home, taking the time to exercise becomes even more important. And don’t underestimate the importance of thinking about breathing. Folks get so busy that they  don’t breathe correctly and it is even more stressful to the body. Taking the time to breathe correctly and deeply helps reduce stress and oxygen to the body and the Brain. This is even more important with all this mask business.

      The article that has been included this week looks at a definition change on herd immunity. There are so many games being played with mainstream news and media  for people to understand how to help themselves. At Natural Health, we strive to get you truthful information that works in the human body without political agenda, and we’re pretty good at it. A simple thing like getting people to eat more sea salt when they heard for years that salt is “bad” , helps the body in many ways and is so simple. Please tell others that we are here to help with any health condition, as we are working on underlying causes of illness and not chasing symptoms.

Patient Testimony: What
was it like before I came to see Dr. Mark?:

I was
tired all the time, couldn’t sleep well. I was bloated. My joints hurt. My
sinus was a big problem.

is it now?:

I have
more energy and I sleep great at night. I am no longer bloated. My sinus are
greatly improved. (M.M.)

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