Can You Believe It’s Almost February?

 Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

                I hope
that you enjoyed our little snow over the weekend. It sure was pretty and nice
that it didn’t bother travel at all. We’ve been pretty lucky with our weather
here in January and I sure hope it continues. I’m old enough now to have lived
through many hard winters and many soft winters and it looks like this is a
softer one and that’s okay. It’s interesting that some mornings you can hear
birds chirping like it’s spring but then go back inside and look at the
calendar, and it just isn’t so. If we can just get through January and
February, you can start to see more signs of spring in March and April. Just
hang in there and if you need help with your immune system, you know where we
are here at Natural Health.

article that I’m sending along this week looks at the link between aluminum and
Alzheimer’s. This link has been known to us folks in the natural health
community for a long time. I remember an article that’s at least a decade old
tying in the number of flu shots to the increased risk of Alzheimer’s due to
the aluminum as the adjuvant in the shots. So that’s one major source and the
other one is the under arm antiperspirants. For years we’ve been telling people
about this and they seem surprised. Most people get their health information
from advertising and that’s unfortunate. At Natural Health, we are constantly
educating our patients in what it takes to be healthy and trying to help them
unlearn all of the bad habits and bad information they have gleaned from all
the advertising over the years. Another point here is that if the medical
community really cared about our health, they would be shouting these things
from the rooftops. But all we get is crickets. I hope that with all this covid
nonsense and some of the backlash coming out of it, this healthcare information
will start to change. But we are here at Natural Health with all this good
information and are ready to help you relearn it.

                As we’ve
gotten into the new year, many people want to lose weight and we help a lot of
people with that here at Natural Health. Our program is a little different
though in that we help people actually become healthy and eat correctly and
many times, the weight just comes off all by itself. I’ve had many patients
over the years come in who have been on this diet or that diet, and it may have
actually gotten some weight off, but as soon as they get off that diet, it all
comes back on an even more usually. There are rules to eating correctly and we
can teach you those here at Natural Health.

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Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live

Dr. Mark