Moving Forward

When you think of sickness what do you think of? Do you think of “catching the cold”? Do you think about those feelings of nausea, maybe having a temp, or having to go to the bathroom more often? Or perhaps you think about the statistics of illness in the country. Did you know according to the CDC website 6/10 have one chronic illness and 4/10 have two or more? Those are old numbers, so trends may be higher. What if we were going about sickness in a way that is not optimal for health and well-being?

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Getting Out of The Way

This month we continue our talk about digestive health and what that all entails. Our ability to digest and process is not only important with the foods that we eat but also with what we learn. Many are learning more about how our healthcare system is not as effective as we thought with much sickness and dis-ease going on in the world. It’s time to see that there are more options and that our health can be helped in more natural ways.

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Slow It Down

Imagine everyone had a blessed and great weekend. We are in exciting times, yes? Or these times are the worst and everything is falling apart? How do you see it? However you do, life will go on. It certainly is different from years past and continues to change at a fast rate. Our ability to adapt to this change can be an important factor in our health.

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This kind of news hits home and makes my blood boil…

In our health shop this week, we’ll be talking about heart health as it concerns the valves and A-

Fib. There are lots of nutritional things we do for our patients who have these conditions. This is one of

the big reasons we have our Heart Sound Recorder, which records the sounds of the heart valves and

can tell us the strength of the heart muscle and what nutritional needs that person has. It’s important

to realize that the heart gets first crack at the nutrition that comes into the bloodstream. If the heart

shows nutritional deficiencies when we use our Heart Sound Recorder, then the rest of the body is

having problems too. It’s a very non-invasive but effective way of seeing what’s going on with the heart

and cardiovascular system. We also find that the thyroid gland, and its hormone production, is usually

involved with people who have A-Fib, or any palpitations or miss rhythms of the heart. Of course, we

have nutritional products that we use to help the heart muscle and the thyroid gland work correctly as

nature intended. Drugs can sometimes control a symptom, but they do nothing to help strengthen or

heal the affected areas.

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Fear Not

Welcome back Natural Health Family. February is still heart month for us at Natural Health. Heart health is an important topic because we can see that heart dis-ease is responsible

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Heart Healthy

Happy February Natural Health Family! Did you watch the big game? If you did, I hope you enjoyed it or at least enjoyed time with others. If not, it’s really

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Dr Mark

Fresh Start

Welcome back Natural Health Family!  I imagine everyone had a great weekend and got to do something fun or checked off a task you wanted to accomplish. This February has

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