Changes In The Weather

 Hello all you great members of the Natural Health Family. I imagine you were able to soak up some sun during your weekend. As spring is upon us we start to see new life. Spring time is the end of old and the start of new beginnings. Many times we can get caught into thinking that it’s just the way things are or that old dogs can’t learn new tricks. Well sometimes it takes us to unlearn so that we can relearn. As with nature and the changing of seasons, it takes a change in our understanding to allow for a healthier life. 

Many times people think of change as a negative thing. Although it is good to have a structure and routine to stay organized, change is what helps us to grow. As with many aspects of life including understanding, physical movement, diet, business, etc. change is needed for us to grow and adapt to the world we live in. Just like a caterpillar appears to pass away when in the process of changing into a butterfly, it is only a step into new life. Now one thing you may not know is that if you were to break or tear apart the chrysalis (the encasing covering the caterpillar during the transformation stage) and try to help it out it would actually die. It is the caterpillar’s effort to break free that strengthens the wings to fly. Change can feel great and it may also bring struggle. When we know that it is part of the process ultimately to get to where we are going we can embrace the change with more ease. 

Have you ever learned a new skill? Maybe you learned how to play a sport, ride a bike, play an instrument, a way to build something, drawing a picture, etc. What does it feel like at the beginning? When starting out it feels different, uncomfortable, perhaps a struggle. However, as you get better and better you start to enjoy it more. It starts to become easier and you feel like you can do it without thinking about all the details. You start to become more like the person that has those skills rather than one who is still learning them. 

Although this world may appear to have much sickness in it we can embrace the change towards one that is filled with health. With a better understanding and practicing health rather than sickness, we can start to shift our ways. Many may think, based on much misinformation, that sickness is normal. It is time to unlearn what we have previously thought and relearn that it is normal to be healthy.

Enjoy your week. 

Dr. Chip