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At Natural Health the Activator Method Chiropractic Technique is used to treat patients. Activator Method Technique is a gentle, low-force program of chiropractic care. It has been safely used for over 35 years to benefit people with a wide range of health problems without drugs or surgery! Natural Health is the only Chiropractic Clinic in Quincy, IL that uses this method.

When you’re tired of living in pain, choose Natural Health to benefit from the Activator Method Chiropractic Technique. Developed in the late ‘60s, this revolutionary technique was developed to enhance the comfort of chiropractic patients. The Activator technique uses the latest advancements in the industry to adjust your spine and restore balance to your body. Dr. Holtschlag is trained extensively in the Activator technique and knows how to help you feel better than ever.

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Take the first step toward a pain-free existence

Take the first step toward a pain-free existence

Natural Health is your smart choice for chiropractic care in the Quincy, IL area. We’ll discuss your pain, go over the Activator technique with you and answer all your questions.

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Patients all over the world are benefiting from the ease and precision of this unique method of chiropractic care.
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