Christmas Time and Stress


Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

            I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend
and got some Christmas shopping done. It wasn’t too cold and we avoided rain
and snow for a little while longer. I almost don’t want to bring up Christmas
shopping as it is another stress for some people to deal with. At Natural
Health, we are really trying to get the word out for people to stay positive
and not let things bother them or stress them out. Many people don’t realize
that being stressed out is a decision on their part, or that they are reacting
to an emotional stimulus and that they do have the ability to control this by
staying calm. We tried to get patients to just breathe, breathing in slowly
through the nose, holding the breath for a few seconds, and then exhaling
through to the mouth slowly. This simple exercise helps to oxygenate the brain
and get the body to slow down, even slowing heart rate and reducing blood
pressure, but more importantly getting your mind off of whatever is stressing
you. I’ve already talked about using a product called Drenamin that helps the
adrenal glands handle stress to the body, and were selling cases of it. There
is another product called Cataplex G which is a B vitamin complex that helps
the parasympathetic nervous system, the system of rest, relaxing, and
rebuilding, so that people have the ability to calm down. If you’re low on the
vitamins, the nervous system can’t balance itself and people stay in a state of

            I’m sending along an article on the
use of humidifiers to help prevent Covid infection. We have been advising our
patients to use humidifiers, especially in the bedrooms, since the cold weather
came in as running the furnaces tends to dry out the air. Many folks realize
that the kitchen usually has good humidity because of the cooking activities,
but the bedroom gets dry and using a humidifier keeps the nasal passages moist
and able to filter out unwanted invaders. Again, a very simple thing that
people forget about over the year. You don’t even have to buy a humidifier, you
can use a wet towel over the back of a chair or a pot of water on the register
or keeping the bathtub half full of water, or use your imagination to get
humidity in the rooms.

            In closing, we are all going to have
to deal with these viruses so get your immune system working at optimum. We can
help at Natural Health.

Patient Testimony: What
was it like before you came to see us?

In 2014 Alexis contracted a rare form of lymes disease.
Ever since she has been sickly, bloated, sluggish and her system wasn’t
“digesting” the way it should.   She’s
had trouble going the bathroom to the point of walking in so much pain and not
going for over a week at a time. We visited multiple doctors but none fixed the

How is
it now?

Now Alexis is doing so great. She is able to go the
bathroom regularly. She’s lost all of her bloating. AS well as running, playing
and being active.  Since we started her
I’ve noticed so many changes in her that I didn’t realize were off. She’s
happy, no pain and has that twinkle in her eye again. I’ve also noticed now
that her body is healing. She isn’t getting sick as often.  (N.B.)

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-Dr. Mark