Hello Everyone at Natural Health! I hope we are all having a good week or at least getting better. Today will be short and sweet. I think much of the time we all sometimes get caught up trying to think and overcomplicate things. However, let’s keep it simple today. 

Have you ever wondered how the body heals? Like when you get a cut on your hand that the body is able to heal it. Or perhaps maybe when someone sprains his or her ankle that the body knows how to offer exactly what it needs to heal back to it’s normal healthy self again. A new study shows that the cells of our body are replicating at nearly 4 million cells per second. Yes, not minute, not day, not week, but second. Think how amazing that is. So when our brain and body are communicating properly then the body knows exactly what to do to heal itself. So when we are able to remove any interference and get it to a point that it is able to not only send the signals but also to send the correct signals then it can do some pretty wondrous deeds. 

Communication is important not just for our bodies but for all aspects of life. Whether it is listening sometimes to our bodies to slow down and rest after working for a while or when you need to say something to someone, communication is key to living more fully. We can’t always tell others what to do or how to do it because everyone learns a little differently. When we lead by example though, it helps to show others what is possible so they can give themselves permission to do the same. 

The way we communicate is fundamental to how our lives move. It is a two way line also. We must not only be able to ask or tell but also be able to receive when appropriate. I encourage you to see any areas that you can improve your communication whether it is with others or yourself and your body.

Have a great week. 

Dr. Chip