Coronavirus and Your Immune System

Well it
wasn’t the greatest weekend weather-wise but at least the snow didn’t stick and
this week should be warmer. We’re getting plenty of moisture so those May
flowers should really look nice. I really like this time of year because we’re
anticipating Spring but it’s not quite here yet. The birds are chirping and the
grass is starting to green up a little bit but there’s still that cold nip in
the air. I see people running around in shorts and flip-flops already but it’s
really a little early.

            Our theme for this month is Diet, so
I’ve included an article that looks at foods that can hurt the body. It’s
important to realize that there are good foods that help heal the body but
there are also “foods” that can harm the body, especially if eaten over long
periods of time, like years and decades. At Natural Health, we strive to teach
our patients about what foods work best for their body. We can tailor their
diet to what best suits them and keep them healthy. Wouldn’t you like vibrant
health and lots of energy? Of course it takes a little work but all things that
are worth having do.

            Please don’t forget about our Health
Shop tonight at 6 o’clock. We have decided to forgo the normal topic this month
on digestion and diet and talk about the coronavirus and how you can help
yourself through all this. It’ll be a great presentation on the other side of
the coin, not worrying about the bug but getting your immune system working.
We’ll talk about the immune system itself and what it takes to keep it working
correctly. The media’s whipping this into a big deal, there is cause for
concern, but let’s not panic. I’m old enough to have lived through the swine
flu which was way blown out of proportion. SEE you at the Health Shop tonight,
in the office in person, or on Instagram and Facebook.

            I would be remiss if I didn’t
mention something about the coronavirus here. The main point to realize is that
if you keep your immune system strong, the body can handle these things. But if
you’re already having health issues that weaken your immune system, you have
reasons for concern. If you wonder how your body is doing, please come in and
get a Nutrition Response Testing exam and we’ll find out what you need to keep
your immune system in good working order. There’s lots of hype out there which
makes the stress worse. Come in to find out how we can keep your body working

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Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live Well

-Dr. Mark