DD Quotes and Info

            “From baby in the high chair to
grandma in the rocker, the axial bones (spinal vertebra) are as liable to be
displaced by noxious substances which enter the system in our food and drink or
by inhalation, as they are by accident direct (trauma).”-DD Palmer, 1910
            DD Palmer talked about primary
subluxation by injury our accident, and secondary subluxation caused by
toxicity, nutritional deficiency and stress. The reoccurring, or secondary,
subluxations were not emphasized in my training, yet the majority of patients
we see today are affected by them. In the past 50 years, and increasingly poor
diet, greater toxic burden and the stress of modern living have moved us past
the point where-in far too many patients-chiropractic adjustments alone are not
enough to fully restore health.
            As we remove the nerve interference
and the stress in the nervous system with chiropractic adjustments, we must
supply the genuine replacement parts the body needs to repair itself. With
great adjustments, you can create temporary normalcy, temporary relief. But to
the degree that the bodies’ tissues aren’t repairing their integrity, we
haven’t applied all of the chiropractic principles as DD Palmer envisioned it.