Diet and Immune System

What a great
weekend. It’s really starting to look like spring and I noticed the frogs are
chirping. The old wives tale is that the frogs must see through ice thrice
before there’s no more freezes so I think that means 2 more freezes. We’ll see
how true this is. The sunshine and warm weather yesterday was so nice so be
sure and get out and get that vitamin D activated, which is only done in
sunshine. You can take all the artificial vitamin D you want but it doesn’t
become activated without sunshine. Sunshine is good for you, in limited
amounts, despite what the dermatologists say. Mankind has been in the sun for
millennia so if people have skin problems, it’s not the sun’s fault, it’s that
person’s immune system that is failing.

            The theme for this month is Diet to
the article that I sent along this week looks at the problems with eating junk
food and all the sugary stuff that people get into. This type of “food” is so
very hard on the body and destroys the immune system. The article talks about
just one week of binging on this type of food lends toward sickness. This is
not guesswork anymore as all the research is in and it is fact. At Natural
Health, we help patients get off of this addictive junk food merry-go-round.
It’s important to realize that refined sugar is more addictive than alcohol and
cocaine. When we are working with our patients to get them off of this drug, we
have to go through a detox of the body’s cleaning systems, get digestion back
online so that the patient can absorb the good foods they eat and add minerals
to the diet so that their cravings stop.

            If you look at our society and how
the holidays set us up for falling into this junk food merry-go-round, you can
see why so many people are becoming sick and having degenerative disease
because of these habits. For example, the next big one coming up is Easter and
what does everyone have to have-jellybeans and chocolate Easter eggs or
chocolate Easter bunnies. If they have been off of sugar and start that again,
it will suck them right back into the junk food merry-go-round. I’ve done a
demonstration before using a can of Coca-Cola and one Twinkie which destroys
the immune system for that day because of the refined sugars. This is important
for all those out there who are afraid of the coronavirus.

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-Dr. Mark