Don’t Limit Yourself

 Hello Natural Health Family. This weekend was great to get out and enjoy the weather. I got to spend some time in Iowa snowboarding with some friends and family. It was the third time I have gone, so I felt like I knew a little of what I was doing. Of course  there was still a fearful feeling of falling flat on my face, but it never happened thankfully. Sports have always been a part of my life and snowboarding I would consider sport. Today I wanted to talk about our focus and being able to go towards different things in life. 

Henry Ford once said “if you think you can or you think you can’t you are right.” When a person that plays sports competitively starts a game they typically don’t think I can’t win. Just like a boxing match if a person sees that the other competitor is undefeated and he or she thinks i have no right to be there then the odds of winning are greatly diminished. However, if they remember that they did his or her best to train and feel confident that they can perform well then the other person will respect that. Many times it is not about being better than the other person but rather only competing with oneself.

The word sport comes from an Old French word “desporter” which means to carry away as to carry away the mind from serious issues to amusement. Sometimes we can get bogged down by different things in life that may seem serious. That is why sport or recreation is not only good for our bodies to work different muscles but also for our mind because we cease thinking about all of our different concerns. However, we don’t have to limit this to just sports or recreation activities. When we can use our focus to direct our minds from avoiding the problem to achieving the solution we are able to move forward to better outcomes, Just like sport or snowboarding, if one is to continue to fear falling or crashing then it is difficult to learn how to flow with the snow and get a feel for it. Therefore, we can understand that falling is a possibility and accept that. Then, we can again direct our focus towards learning from mistakes and start to enjoy the process of what we aspire to accomplish. 

We can never achieve health if we are always fighting the sickness. That is why the study of health is vastly more important than the study of illness. Whether it is sports, our health, or other aspects of life, sometimes we just have to take breaks, perhaps go snowboarding (if you want to), do something different, and get out of our own way to get to where we want to go.

Enjoy your week.

Dr. Chip