Embracing Changes

 Good morning, afternoon, or night Natural Health Family, whenever you may be  reading this. The times are changing not only with daylight savings time but in all areas of life. You may be unaware of what is happening if you live under a rock. For those who don’t, you are witnessing the changes all around you. As this happens more and more we can understand that with anything, health is one our greatest values. This month is about digestion so let’s dive in and see what could help promote perfect digestive health. 

I want you to imagine if you would that you have been called for a certain task from a friend that really wants your help. The friend offers you the choice to take it or not but doesn’t tell you what it is. He or she will tell you what it is once you say yes or no. However, the friend really wants you to do it because you have a good relationship. So since you want to help you say yes. This friend then explains that the task is to give a speech to an audience of 500 people talking about anything you want them to hear. Instantly, because you don’t typically give speeches, you feel a rush of heat surging through your body. Your hands start to sweat more and you lose your breath. You start to feel those “butterflies” in the stomach (don’t worry this isn’t you now ha). Questions go through your mind like why would I sign up for this, is this friend serious, why would he or she put me up for the task, what would I possibly talk about, etc.? This is what our body will do based on its survival instincts in the past. This was adaptive back then when in immediate danger. Nowadays, it can turn maladaptive if not controlled.  

Now let’s consider the same situation with a little twist. Let’s say that the same friend wanted you to do a favor for them. The friend is looking for 20 people to give speeches and he or she wants one of them to be you. The friend let you know 2 months prior. They said that you would only talk for 10 minutes about anything that you want. It is a free open mic for people just to share ideas. It will be a welcoming crowd of all ages curious and open to what is being said. Since you have time to prepare, you can talk about anything, the crowd seems like it will be receptive and you seem more calm. You imagine it to be more of a learning experience that can be fun. Your body remains more calm and at ease because you have instead responded to what has been said to you. 

Regardless of the two scenarios above it is important that we are able to adapt and respond to our environment. When we get caught up reacting to everything then we cause our bodies disruption which could lead to further health issues such as poor digestion. Therefore, not only does eating healthy and moving our bodies well help with our health, our ability to be at ease despite what is happening around us can impact our health. As life changes around us it is up to us to keep ourselves healthy and able to keep up with the adversity.

Stay healthy my friends.

Dr. Chip