Hey everyone. How are you? Really, how is your life going? Emotions are one of those topics that many do not like to talk about because they are afraid what will come to the surface or it is “Not Manly” to talk about emotions. Little that many know, emotions have a huge impact on causing disease to the body and mind. A part of the mind that we all have specializes in staying comfortable. Staying in their safe space.  If we see a lion, this part of the mind will keep us alive. This goes for everything else we do. Everything. We. Do. From talking to that cute girl across the bar to learning how to ride a bike. It has helped the human species stay alive throughout the time. 

As it pertains to everyday life, many of us fear how vulnerable we would be if we talk about emotions. It’s not something that is talked about on a daily basis and it shows with our own health. I recommend you talk about what is on your mind to others, especially your loved ones. This will help release those emotions that cause chaos in the mind. Once the emotions are cleared out, life seems to be at a higher place because those negative emotions are no longer making you feel like you are living in a dark place. Over time, those suppressed emotions and thoughts will no longer come to you and “haunt” you. You will be above them and they will simply just float on by and not have that “UGH” feel to them. Even more over time, they will never come back again. Think about your life without those negative emotions or tendencies. It may not seem possible, but it is 100% possible. Your mind will tell you it’s not. (It’s trying to stay safe with what it knows.) During that time, your mind will be filled with much more positive emotions and all areas of your life will balance out. How do I know that? Because I was once at a very low spot of my life. I was very depressed, sleeping issues, financially unstable, anxiety the majority of the day and did not love the person I saw in the mirror. 

If you want long lasting emotional health, then send me a message on Facebook. I will be able to guide you through the process of you reaching your goals in all areas of your life. Emotions are all directly related to physical and mental health. Also, working on emotions can balance out the relationships that you have with the person in the mirror and those around you. All areas of your life within your family, people that you work with, or even the relationships that you have within your community will balance out. How do I know that? Because that is what is happening in my life! It is 100% possible to live in the life of your dreams. 

I will ask you again. How is life going? Contemplate on that question for some time and message me what you come up with. Don’t be shy. Your mind will tell you to not speak up. Trust me, I was there. I am here to help you through the process because I know, similarly, what you are going through. 

Have a great life,

Coach Ed