End Of The Year

 Hello Natural Health Family! It is getting that much closer to more holidays and the end of 2020. What a year full of ups, downs, ins and outs. As we enter 2021, it would be wise to evaluate our lives and see if there are things that we would like to consider about modifying. Everyone has room to grow and a great way is to look at ourselves. 

If you wanted to change one thing about your life what would it be. Some people want to have better relationships. Some people want more income. Some want to be better at a certain skill. Others want to start a healthy habit such as eating good food, starting an exercise routine, and/or starting a mindful practice. These are all great things for everyone but it can be overwhelming to think about. However, the best way to change or start something is to focus on getting 1% better everyday rather than comparing ourselves to the end goal or where other people are at in their lives. It is simple to start something new but not as easy sometimes as we think it will be. The way to change is to do something small and repeat it. Over time you will see big changes in your life. Sometimes we get upset when something we are starting doesn’t go the way we want it to or we feel it doesn’t come as quick as we want. This is the best time to be present and realize that it may be a learning lesson for us to be patient. 

I wanted to share a couple things that have helped me, especially this year, to

stay calm and to be patient not only with myself but with others. When I start my day with an intention whether it is to be more present with others or to not react but to respond to situations, I started to become aware how I was acting in my life. This is a great step just to see whether or not it is the way you want to show up for people. Many times we are unaware of how we think about or treat ourselves and others. This is of course a learning process. Many people have been brought up with many ideas: that we have to have the latest and greatest thing or that we won’t ever be good enough or that the world is inherently bad and people are out to get us etc. etc. However, if those are ideas that you think, I would analyze perhaps how you came to believe that and whether it is really true. It can be difficult at times when things seem overwhelming. We can sometimes become our own worst critics. When we start to see how much our own thinking can influence our lives than we can become more aware and change it if we want. So be easy on yourself and know that you are doing better than you think. 

The world is changing quicker than we are used to. 2020 has been a year that we could never see coming. As the world changes we must be able to adapt ourselves. We are all in this together and taking time for ourselves to stay healthy ultimately helps us to live better for others as well. We all need help at times and at Natural Health we are here to help. Cheers to happy holidays and a great start to a new year! Thanks for reading.    

-Dr. Chip