Fall Weather Is Here

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     Another great weekend and I hope you’re enjoying the fall weather. That nip in the air is telling you what’s coming in a few months but for now we’re enjoying the cooler but still warm weather. It’s amazing to me that the trees are still green and the grass is not Brown and still growing. I hope you were able to enjoy the beautiful sunshine and hopefully we’ll have much more to come as we head towards Indian summer. It seems like we’re having many patients talk about Allergy and Sinus symptoms and our new product Allergco Is helping many of our patients.

     This month we’re talking about pain and inflammation in our health shop courses, actually the causes of it, not just treating it with pain medication, and understanding what the pain and inflammation comes from. It’s important to realize that the body has inflammation as it’s trying to heal an area from damage caused by injury or overuse. It’s when the  inflammation becomes chronic, as the body cannot heal itself that, it becomes a problem and the unfortunate thing is most medical people have their patients reaching for pain relievers and anti-inflammatories which help the pain but make the problem actually worse and lends towards arthritis and that type of tissue, which weakens the area and allows for more injury to happen. As with everything that goes on in the human body, there is a reason and it’s important to understand what that is rather they’re just covering up a symptom with medication.

     The article I’m sending along looks at the  documentary series called “Plandemic”. It’s a series that everyone should watch if you can find it by the time I send this out to you as the mainstream media is definitely trying to censor it – way too much good information for the average Joe to get a hold of-ha. There is so much history in the problems with mainstream medicine and the narratives that are being pushed in the background that it’s important for everyone to know what’s going on – actually. I hope everyone gets a chance to view these documentaries and if you have any questions, you can always give us a shout.

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