Fat Is Your Friend

Fat Is Your Friend
One of the biggest
health care hoaxes perpetrated during the last decade or so is the notion that
“fat is bad.” If you want to enjoy your highest health potential, you need to
know the truth about this common (and incorrect) belief about fat.
Fat is not your enemy.
Fat is essential if
you want your body to look and feel younger and equip your nervous system to
function at its best. Healthy fats supply good cholesterol, which is critical
for the production of hormones that enhance youthful qualities. If you’ve chosen
to adopt a low-fat diet, you’re depriving your body of the nutrients it needs
to slow aging and to function optimally.
Granted, low-fat
alternatives abound on grocery store shelves. To get away with low-fat
(low-taste) products, manufacturers rely on amping up the sugar to deliver the
taste people want. The result? Weight gain.
Bottom line? Fat
doesn’t automatically make you fat. At least, “good” fat doesn’t.