Hello Natural Health Family. I imagine everyone had a good weekend. We are getting more into the spring season and it’s even starting to feel more like summer. Obviously when this starts to happen it is important to stay hydrated. Many times we can make things complicated but it is always good to keep things simple and get back to the basics. 

With all the chronic illness out there we may get caught up in the thinking that it is normal. However, if we see more clearly that many people are not following the basics and fundamentals of health then they can start to have issues. Many people either don’t know how to help the body or refuse to take a more critical look at what could be affecting their health. It may be more simple as we learn the basics.

So what are the fundamentals? Through Chiropractic school we learn that there are three things that can affect the body. They are Toxins, Traumas, Thoughts. Also, it is also not just these things but more of our ability to adapt to them. So take for instance a beginner in running and an ultra marathon runner running 100 miles. If the beginner tried to do the 100 miles at one time, that person may not be able to adapt to the amount of trauma on the body which could ultimately lead to injuries or other issues. Or another example is medications. Some are actually toxic to the body that a small dose can help in certain situations, but when too much is ingested or taken at one time it can be life threatening. Then there are the thoughts. If we are caught up in too much of the should do’s and have to’s, if we are not able to unwind, if we can’t have time to have fun and let go then we may be susceptible to health issues. With it all it is our ability to adapt that keeps us healthy. 

We may have forgotten the power of the human body for many reasons such as trying to solve issues with technological advancements and modern healthcare approaches. Nevertheless, it is up to us to realize our bodies amazing capabilities of adapting to the stress in life to gain and/or maintain health. We will always have stress in life but it is what is needed to help us grow into the unique individuals that we are today. Like all the great athletes they knew it was the mastering of the fundamentals that helped them achieve their successes.

Have a great week!

Dr. Chip