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great weekend if you like dry weather. It looks like this coming week might get
us some rain I hope that’s true, we sure could use it. It also might be the
last weekend for 70° weather for a while but we’ll see. As old as I am, I’ve
seen quite a few wintry Christmases and quite a few summerlike Christmases. It
seems like every year is different, as far as the weather goes, and some are
better than others. I already had patients coming in and telling me that this
winter is going to be a bad one and other patient saying that this winter is
going to be a mild one. We’ll have to just wait and see but I’d rather it be

forget about our health shops live on Facebook and Instagram at 6:15 on Monday
nights and then we will post it to and YouTube. This month were
talking about Preparing for Winter and the topic this week is “Why Do I Get
Sick?”. The mainstream media is constantly pumping out fear mongering about the
bugs out there but at Natural Health, we focus on how the body works and
strengthening the immune system so all this fear mongering just goes away. The
bugs are always out there and they have been for thousands and thousands of
years. The problem with mainstream medicine is that what actually helps the
immune system strength is eating good foods and the taking the correct
supplements to give the body what it needs, and they can’t put that into pill
bottle or a drug so they don’t talk about that part. At Natural Health, were
always working towards helping the body work the way it was meant to and
removing any barriers that keep the body from being able to have a strong
immune system and strong other systems as well. With our Nutrition Response
Testing nutritional technique and using Chiropractic as a way of removing nerve
interference, we can help the body to find its normal good health and enjoy
life with lots of energy rather than trying to treat bugs and symptoms all the

article that I’m sending along looks at the conclusion in a study that most
adults do not get as much nutrients as they need for their busy lifestyles, and
of course, this lends towards degenerative diseases. This topic goes right
along with the previous paragraph in that if the body does not get what it
needs to work correctly, things start to fail and that is why degenerative
disease is the top three causes of mortality in this country. After 42 years of
practice here at Natural Health, we’ve helped thousands of patients over the
years to turn their health around and know what it means to be actually
healthy. I’m always amazed that when patients have followed our protocol and
then come in later telling me they ate something they shouldn’t have, and how
bad that made them feel. It’s really an eye-opener for them to see that eating
bad foods can really cause problems and it happens very quickly. It really
depends on what stage of degeneration your body is in as to how you will handle
foods and environmental toxins and how that will make you feel. That old adage
of “I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired” has never been truer in our
society. Just look at the folks that go to Walmart, I’ve never seen so many
electric buggies running around with overweight people. It’s not really their
fault, they’ve just been trained this way and brainwashed with all the
advertising on TV.

don’t forget about our Open House/Patient Appreciation Day on Friday this week,
and our Cyber Monday bonus program. It’s something new that we’re trying and I’m
hoping that everyone gets a chance to participate and enjoy. 

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Dr. Mark