Good Food, Digestion and Absorption

 Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

                I hope
that you had a great Thanksgiving and were actually grateful for all the food
that we ate. There is a lot of good foods in the Thanksgiving meal, but also
some that probably weren’t the best for us. We will just have to get back on
the good eating bandwagon so that we stay healthy through the rest of these
holidays coming up. I try to remind people to stay hydrated because it’s easy
to forget to drink water and get your electrolytes. Staying hydrated just helps
so many systems of the body and helps the pH to stay correct, which helps keep
the bugs, which are in us and on us at all times, under control.

                We had
a great Black Friday Open House/Patient Appreciation Day and were very thankful
for the folks that came out and enjoyed some food and drink, and gained more
knowledge on being healthy. We plan on having more of these, at least one per
quarter, to thank our patients for their patronage and to show those that have
not become patients yet, that we have a great office here with a great staff
and are willing and ready to help them towards real natural health. This week
is our Cyber Monday bonus day as well, and I hope that you were able to take
advantage of it. This is a new event that were trying and I’m sure that it will
be a great success, and help patients on the road to health and maintaining
good health. We’re getting away from the idea of discounting our services but
we want to reward patients that use our services, so that is the point of the
bonus program. Again, thanks for participating and enjoying.

article that I’m sending along this week looks at the Nine Benefits of Garlic.
I’m sure there are many more but these are the main ones. There are several
points here to realize. One is that there were so many good foods out there to
help us be healthy but the choice is ours to make good decisions. The second
point is that even though were trying to eat good foods, digestion and
absorption must be addressed to make sure that the body is getting the
nutrients from these good foods. This is one of our main goals with our
nutrition patients, to make sure that they are digesting correctly and
utilizing the nutrients their eating.

forget about our health shops that were having on Monday at 6:15 live on
Facebook and Instagram. We are still in November, so we’re continuing our topic
of Preparing for Winter and this week were talking about Getting Ready for
Winter Challenges. Many people have problems with circulation during the winter
and getting enough vitamin D, so we will be talking about that this week, and
lots of other good information. We will post the recorded video on and YouTube so if you need to catch it later, it will be there.
It seems to us that after this Covid thing, people are paying more attention,
or wanting to know more about, how to help themselves and their family be
healthy. That’s why we’re doing these health shops and trying to promote them,
so that people can get good information that doesn’t cost them anything, and
then know that there is a place to come that will help them be healthy, and not
just be on drugs or treatments. At Natural Health, we are working towards
holistic wellness for you and your whole family and friends and relatives. We
want to change the healthcare paradigm from that of disease management, as it
is now, to one of healthful vitality with people enjoying life and having lots
of energy. 

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Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live Well

Dr. Mark