Great Weather But No Rain

 Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

beautiful weekend and we had the bonus day off with Labor Day. I hope that you
got a lot done or got a lot of resting in. It seems we can’t get a rain even
with quite a few chances but it’s just not in the cards for now. Everything
sure is dusty and there is a zillion fall flowers (weeds) that are pollinating
out there. We have several great products here at Natural Health that we use
for allergy symptoms and help the body to drain out these dust particles and
pollen. Sometimes I think “allergies” is a strong word and is just the body
reacting to the pollens and dust we breathe in, because I’m sure, they all have
different properties and the body knows how to deal with them, as it has for
thousands and thousands of years. Our take here at Natural Health, is to help
the body to drain the lymphatics and get all this dust and stuff out so it
doesn’t irritate the body further.

we were off Monday, we did not have our health shop this week but will be right
on schedule next Monday at 6: 15 live on Facebook and Instagram and then post
the health shop to and YouTube. This month will be talking about
top health related diseases and next week our health shop will be on Diabetes.
Many of these degenerative conditions are fairly easy to overcome but you must
know the rules as to how the body works and what it needs to be able to repair
itself. At Natural Health, we work towards removing the barriers that keep the
body from being able to heal itself and then figure out what nutrition and diet
that patient needs to be able to repair their own body. It’s mostly all common-sense
stuff that once patients think about it a while, it all makes sense.

article that I’m sending along this week looks at the use of vitamin C in
helping the body with sepsis or an infection of the blood. In this article
they’re talking about ascorbic acid, which the FDA allows people to call
vitamin C but is only one part. The vitamin C complex that is found in food, is
much more able to help the body heal itself but you must be able to digest the
food and absorb the nutrients. Vitamin C as ascorbic acid is just that, an
acid, that helps to acidify the got and this is helpful. Most people’s digestive
system has went too basic because of all the processed foods and carbs they’ve
gotten into, and over a long period of time, can lead to conditions like leaky
gut, diverticulitis, irritable bowel syndrome, and gastric reflux. Then using a
little common sense, it should be easy to understand how to reverse these
conditions if you just know the rules. That’s what we do at Natural Health,
teach our patients the rules they need to help themselves heal and stay

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Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live Well

Dr. Mark