Halloween and Sugar

Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

                I hope
that you all enjoyed a nice weekend. We got a little more rain and that should
help clear the air from all the dust and pollens being stirred up by harvest
time. My brother had sent me a picture of him and his two sons harvesting
soybeans and that the cloud of dust behind them looked like smoke from fire.
It’s just the time of year and that’s what goes on but this nice rain will help
clean the air from all that. We are using a lot of nutrition to help people
with sinus problems and irritation and I’m starting to remind people about
using humidifiers or getting humidity into the air somehow, especially in the
bedroom at night.

health shop this week is on Health Secrets. Looking at the material, it’s not
so much secrets as it is information that has been lost over time, or that we
have been brainwashed out of with all the advertising and marketing. I think if
people actually take the time to think about it, they’ll realize that we should
be eating actual real food that our bodies are meant to work with, and not eat
the junk foods with all the sugar and bad oils in them. The manufacturers have
surely learned how to make that junk taste good but it is killing us, as the
main causes of mortality are heart disease and diabetes and cancer, which can
all be traced back to these bad diets and lack of the body’s ability to heal itself.

article that I’m sending along this week looks at a bacteria that has adapted
to the high amounts of sugar that people eat and has been able to bypass the
antibiotics that have been abused over decades. The article talks about this
bacteria being a nonlethal entity but after all this adapting, has become more
of a monster. Folks just need to realize that again, we need to use common
sense with what we eat and what’s in our environment. Not go for the trends and
not go for what taste good only, but look for actual good nutrition in foods
and reduce your exposure to chemicals and toxins in the environment which
includes EMF pollution. I watched an article yesterday that talked about those
folks they had contracted covid and were put in a hospital, drugged and put on
a ventilator, and did not survive. It was very heart wrenching to see the
remaining family go through that and that’s what we’re trying to accomplish at
Natural Health, just stay out of that system if at all possible. Mainstream
medicine is great with emergencies and trauma but is shown to be just too
greedy when it comes to basic health issues. 

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Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and
Live Well

Dr. Mark