Happy Labor Day!

 Welcome back Natural Health Family. How was everyone’s Labor Day Weekend? I hope it went well with either getting things done you have been wanting to or not laboring much at all. Although we may write it off as a holiday and getting some time off, Labor Day represents the achievements of those before us who put in the work to make this country the way it is. Let’s talk about work and possibly shift our way of looking at it. 

When you think of work what goes through your head? Is it something you may not want to do at times, money for expenses, being able to help people, getting to see others, a bridge to other possibilities, etc? Work may have some negative connotations. We typically look forward to the weekend because we have been working a lot during the week. Sometimes work can become busy, tiresome and even seem overwhelming. However, when we view it in different ways it can help us do what needs to be done in a more efficient and enjoyable manner. So what if instead of having to work we get to work. What if we knew that the work we are doing helps us to do more in life such as traveling and fun hobbies? As the workers back then helped this country progress, we too can see our work as something that is helping the betterment of all. That what we are doing is keeping the world continuing to move forward. Even if we can look at the small things in our work that can bring us joy, it can shift our viewpoint of the rest of the world. 

We all have many different types of work. Some jobs seem smaller or bigger than others, but are really just a part of the whole. It may not be a matter of what job we have whether a butcher, doctor, teacher, accountant, etc., but rather a matter of if we are good at what we do and are doing our best. You never know how much impact any so-called small work or activity can have that can start the chain reaction to helping many others. Enjoy the rest of your week!   

Dr. Chip