Harvest Time Almost Here

 Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation –

     What a great weekend and I hope that you got rested up with the extra day off. This time of year brings some great weather outside and please take advantage of it to build those vitamin D stores for the winter. I hate to even say that word but we know what’s coming. I’m amazed that the grass is still green and we’re  mowing the yard every week but that’s okay, much rather have Green than brown. looks to be a great weather week coming up and I hope I can get all my jobs done that I want to do before bad weather gets here. It looks like the farmers will start harvesting pretty soon so be ready for the dust in the air and the farm equipment on the roads.

     Speaking of winter time coming, that is when we usually have lowered immunity due to less sunshine and are fighting the cold weather. This goes along with the article that I’ve included on some of the side effects of the Jab. This mRNA technology is all new so no one knows what’s going to happen exactly but I like to have my patients prepared and their immune systems ready to handle anything. I’m starting to see lots of information online about those that have gotten the jab and making sure that they have all the nutritional needs covered that will help their body handle any side effects. That is what we are here for at Natural Health, to help patients be actually healthy and keep them away from unnecessary interventions and medications. It’s fairly simple, if you’re healthy, and I mean actually truly healthy, you don’t need medications and interventions. We use a two-pronged approach, the first being getting the diet straightened out, and the second being using nutritional supplements that the individual patient’s body needs to be  truly healthy. At National Health, we’re not chasing symptoms and managing disease but helping the body actually be healthy and not have disease issues.

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Dr. Mark