Having Fun

 Hello Natural Health Family. I hope everyone had some fun this weekend whether you got out to the races, the picnics, or just spent some time relaxing with family. Today I wanted to talk about why recreation is important for our health and how it is important for our health and well being.

Many people tend to stay busy. They are constantly working on something that could be related to work, the house, the yard, or other projects. It is of course good to have a strong work ethic. However, when we overtax our brain and bodies we can’t perform efficiently. Thus our productivity can go down. It might not be that we can’t do what we need to do at the time, but later not be able to do other work because we either feel physically or mentally drained. This can build up over time leading to other health issues.

We all think that we will always have something to do or things will never get done. Whether this is true or not, which it may be, we can see that we might as well enjoy life whether working or doing something fun. Making time to do activities that we enjoy is important for overall health. When we do these activities we must be there. Many times people who are doing fun activities or on vacation have a difficult time not thinking about the things they have to do. This further leads us to be mentally drained which influences the energy of our bodies. When we can’t unwind or mentally let go of the things we have to do, our mind works like a parasite which takes away our body’s energy and strength. 

So what can we do? You could schedule some time watching something funny, having coffee with a friend, playing with your kids as if you were one of them, etc.  It could be as little as enjoying a 10 minute walk everyday and when you walk you are not thinking about what you have to do. You tell your mind that you will get back to what you need to do later but now I am going to enjoy what I am doing. Be creative but find something YOU like to do. I bet it will brighten up your day and week. 

Everyone has different things they need to do. Many times we forget to enjoy little things and take everything so serious. Especially in these times it is important to find something that we can have fun with or be grateful for not only because it is something we like to do but also because it is important for our health. So I encourage you to put something fun in the books and see how you feel during the week. Thanks for

Thanks for reading. 

-Dr. Chip