Healing Your Body

 Hello everybody. Today I wanted to talk more about you. Let’s talk about how you are much more powerful than you think you are. You may think otherwise but the more I talk the more you will realize that you are capable of great things. 

Have you ever wondered how the greats in our past created lives that led to others being able to live their lives better? Think about all the great inventions that people spent much of their lives figuring out so that we could live more conveniently. Or the great athletes or artists that left us in awe about how someone could perform such a task or create such a beautiful masterpiece. Imagine if the Wright brothers stopped trying to make the first airplane because they were told it was impossible. We would never had planes that help people travel great distances to see amazing landscapes or to connect with friends or other loved ones. Many of the “greats” had an idea that they had a passion to carry out. Many of those ideas were ridiculed and thought impossible. Obviously, now we can see that they were not only possible but it is almost as if it is an easy everyday occurrence. The “greats” were not more talented or gifted with something special but rather they had an idea that they stuck with long enough to see it created in this world. 

Now what about your own body’s ability to heal. When you get a cut on your hand it heals without you ever thinking about it. Isn’t it funny that a kid or adult can have no education about anything but still are able to heal after an injury or illness. This power is in every one of us. We tend to think that we are weak to outside forces, but I say be careful what you think. As was stated above, those great men and women succeeded in their efforts because they didn’t allow someone else to tell them that something was impossible. Instead, they stayed the course of what they thought was possible and realized how powerful they really were. 

For our health and well-being we must analyze what we are being told with reason and if necessary gather information to understand if it is true or not. When we choose more to accept positive ideas rather than negative we can start to realize the power in our thoughts and how it can reflect in our health. YOU are powerful so why not share that power with positive emotions like kindness and love. Thanks for reading!