Health and Well Being

 Hello Natural Health Family. Today let’s talk about where and what we place our attention on affects our own health and well being. Our world is going through many changes and it is difficult to know what exactly we should do. Sometimes this causes us to become anxious about what will happen for our future. What appears like tension outside of us is actually tension from within. 

When we consider that watching a sports game, the news, media, movies, etc. may cause our bodies to tense or strain then we can see that it plays an influence on the health of our bodies and mind. That seems easy enough to understand. But what if we just imagine it, like preparing for the worst case scenario? What do we notice? You will see that your body will tense up just as if you are experiencing the event. This causes us to use much of our energy during the day on things that are not even happening. Feelings of fear or frustration we feel while viewing or thinking about the “turmoil”  drains our energy leading to illness. Try it for yourself, if you watch news or media and can feel your body tighten, which could be your hands gripping or your shoulders rising, then you know that you are using a lot of energy unnecessarily. We must help ourselves by not letting so much of the outside environment dictate how we feel or react negatively.

It is important to realize that everything that we eat is important for our health. But, what about the other things that we watch and hear on a daily basis. We may eat three times a day but what about the daily things that run through our ears and eyes. When we become aware of all the things that we “digest” such as foods, thoughts, feelings, entertainment, music etc., then we can better prepare ourselves to either choose to accept the information coming or just observe it and let it be. When viewing many things in our lives, it would be wise to keep an open mind but to analyze what it is being shown. Many times people just assume that what they hear is true and accept it blindly. However, if it affects our lives negatively, then we may want to consider if it is actually the truth. It is important to stay informed and up to date about the current information of today. When we are able to stay calm and not react to the information that we are seeing or hearing, then we place less of our attention or energy on it which allows us to keep our minds and bodies well. 

We all may react to something that happens in our lives. That is ok. However, when we react and let whatever person or situation or tv channel or other experience robs our energy and attention for days, weeks, months, years on end, then we direct our course towards illness and pain. Let’s take back control of our ship so that we can navigate the waters even in the midst of this storm. There will always be storms on the seas and only you have the choice to choose to place your attention on the storm or your own ship. Keep your ship strong. Thanks for reading.

-Dr. Chip