Health Goals and Weight Loss


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                All in all,
it was a fairly nice weekend for January. Yes, it’s cold but it could be worse
and we didn’t get any more snow or ice, so that was good. I’m hoping that what
we have melts this week before we get any more, but we’ve got to get through
February before we can think about spring actually being here. A really
important thing to do is make sure that you have your humidifier going in the
home and especially the bedroom to keep the sinus passages moist. We’re getting
a lot of complaints about sinus conditions and much of that can come from the
sinuses being irritated overnight from the dry air and then over moistening in
the morning causing drippy nose. It can also lead to sinus infections if bad
enough but we don’t want to get that far.

month were talking about health goals and weight loss as we start the new year,
which blends in perfectly with the article I’m sending along that looks at the
main pandemic in this country actually being insulin resistance or metabolic
syndrome, because of all the refined sugar that people eat over time and no
good sources of actual nutrition. The article was amazing in that it showed 88%
of people with Covid had some form of insulin resistance. Add that to the
deficiency in vitamin D and vitamin C and minerals like zinc and you have the
perfect storm for disaster. You don’t need ventilators and drugs to treat that,
just good nutrition and a good digestive system and not eating all the junk
food. I know I have patients who look at other folks and see them eating crap
and think they can get by with it but everyone’s system is different and
everyone’s nutritional status is different. Another thing I notice is that
whenever we see people out in a restaurant or at a social occasion eating and
they’re consuming some type of junk food, that may be the only time they’re
doing that, as in the celebration. We see people doing that and think you’re
doing it all the time and think we have to do it to all the time and that gets
us into problems- like insulin resistance, which actually leads to diabetes and
heart disease, and possibly even cancer as cancer loves sugar. This health
stuff is not that hard to figure out but we have to get past all the
brainwashing and sales pitches from the food industry and mainstream medicine and
understand how the body actually works and what it takes to be healthy. This is
our sole purpose at Natural Health-getting our patients to understand what it
takes to be healthy and helping them achieve it. 

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Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and
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Dr. Mark