Hello Natural Health Family. When was a time in your life that you felt unstoppable or that you knew that whatever you set your mind to you could do it. Many if not all of us have had this feeling before. Instead of allowing others, the current circumstances, or the outside world to influence us we saw within ourselves what we could accomplish. When it comes to health what do you think is possible? 

Have you ever tried to use a vacuum without the cord plugged in? Have you tried to enjoy a movie without the TV on?  Have you ever tried to get to an unfamiliar location without any directions? Have you ever tried to build a new building on top of the old one? These questions are to help bring to attention a different way of seeing health. If we want to help bring about health for this country and the world we must of ourselves see that it is possible for every person.

Many times we can be misdirected or discouraged about something about our health. However, when we take the steps necessary to promote the health of our own bodies we are able to realize what is possible. Many times it is that we must get out of our own way, our current understanding, so that we can bring to fruition a new way of being. It is unlearning the old and embracing the new. 

If we knew that there were other options out there but they are not the mainstream would we explore them? Or maybe it’s that we have never heard of another option. Our bodies are amazing and designed for healing. They literally perform billions, if not trillions of functions with every second of every minute. When we are able to acknowledge this we are able to see that health and healing is natural. It is this capability of our body to see that when it seems like there are few options that there is always hope. 

So just like our bodies, when it appears that life is heavy and that the outcomes seem hopeless, we can turn from the dark shadows and see that if we are able to change the way we look that the light has always been there.

Have a great day!

Dr. Chip