Heart Health Month

Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

                What a
nice weekend for February! I’m beginning to have hope that we will get through
this winter without too much severe weather. We had that week and ½ cold spell
and that is enough. I guess we can have bad weather through March and even into
April, but hopefully by that time, it will not hang around very long. We are
still using a lot of our nutritional supplements for colds and flu sufferers
and that really helps to replenish the body with good nutrition to keep the
immune system strong from all the damage we did to it over the holidays.

month, were looking at Heart Health in our health shops. And remember that were
having the in-house health shops now, on the first and third Monday of the
month, and then the live health shop on Instagram and Facebook on the fourth
Monday of the month. The in-office health shops are the way we used to do this
all the time before the covid debacle, and they are really a lot of fun because
we’re answering questions from the audience as well as presenting information
to those present. It was hard for patients to get to those in the winter months
but thankfully, this winter, the traveling is much easier.

article that I’m sending along this week looks at information on what medical
gas lighting is. It was news to me to learn that, if a patient has a reaction
to a treatment, the diagnosis given is for a new problem, not about the
symptoms the patient is having coming from the previous treatment. The article
was interesting in that it said, unfortunately, mainstream medical practice has
pushed themselves into this corner, especially with this latest jab business.
The point that I like to make to people is that if you just stay healthy, and
know that you’re healthy and feel good and have energy, you don’t need to be a
“lab rat” for some of these medical interventions. The folks that go through
our nutritional program, along with the chiropractic program, know that they
are in good health and do not have to worry about all the bugs out there and do
not have symptoms that could be diagnosed as a “condition”. If there is no
diagnosis, then there is no need for “treatment”. The big worry is that many of
these medical treatments are strong enough to injure the body in certain ways, even
though perhaps unintentional. 

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Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live Well

Dr. Mark