Heart Sound Recorder

Wow – what a
nice weekend. Sunday sure was nice and the sun is definitely getting stronger.
Looks like rain and snow this week for a while but hopefully we’ll get back to
good weather. We need more sunshine this time of year and we tell our patients it
is even good to go to the suntan booth for 10 minutes a week. This is good to
help activate vitamin D and just relax and get warm. Pretend you’re on a beach!

            As were still in February, we’re
still talking about heart health this month. Don’t forget our upcoming health
shop tonight at 6 o’clock here at the office and on Facebook and Instagram. We
will be talking about the heart sound recorder which is a great instrument to
listen in on the valves of the heart, giving us an insight into what nutrition
that person is lacking to strengthen the heart muscle so the valves work
correctly. Most people that have valve problems or heart murmurs have a weakened
heart muscle and the valves don’t close correctly. The medics want to switch
out the valves but why not just fix the heart muscle, which is what we help
patients do here at Natural Health. The heart is one of the easiest organs to
have the body heal because it is just mainly a big muscle and connective
tissue. We help patients find the underlying cause of heart problems and get
away from all the medications, like statins and high blood pressure meds, that
have tons of side effects and actually make the condition worse.

            I’ve included an article this week
on a Dr. Veech who has done tons of research on the ketogenic diet and
understanding how it helps produce more energy in the body for the heart to
work and all the other organs to work better as well. It’s interesting that he
is an MD and renowned researcher but the medical profession still has not
embraced this diet. It still promoting the crappy food pyramid that is paid for
and promoted by cereal manufacturers and food processors. Dietitians are also
stuck in this world and promote eating carbs and grains. Folks really need to
look at the research and results and decide how to eat to be healthy. We help
our patients with this every day at Natural Health, to digest and absorb good
nutrients so their bodies heal correctly and keep away from all the carbs and
processed junk food. 

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Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live Well

-Dr. Mark