Heart Sound Recorder

            Well we had some sunshine over the
weekend. We have definitely had our fair share of gloomy days and snow and
rain. We’re starting to see some signs of spring though as the birds are
chirping and seeing some geese flying around. I hope that you’re still able to
enjoy these days and know that they won’t last too much longer. I’m really
starting to look forward to spring and even mowing grass again!

            As were well into February and our
theme is heart health, we are looking forward to Valentine’s Day. Our topic for
this week is Love, which we will be discussing during our health shop at 6
o’clock tonight and it should be very interesting. The article I’ve enclosed is
about how just being out in nature helps heart health and general health. It’s
one of those free things that is definitely helpful to the body, just like
sunshine. Sometimes it’s hard to put these things up in our priority lists,
just like love and loving your neighbor, but they need to be right up there.
That’s a big problem with our society in that there is so much to do that is
busywork and we sometimes get lost and not do the things that really count the
most. I don’t think social media has helped that a whole lot in that were busy
typing words rather than actually talking to people and developing
relationships. Hopefully as we near Valentine’s Day, you can think about this
aspect of heart health and rekindle relationships with those you have met in
the past that were good friends at one time but just seem to have drifted away.
It seems it’s much easier to handle the stresses we are under in our society if
we have support from loved ones and people we know and can trust. At Natural
Health, we are always trying to develop relationships with our patients so that
they know they can trust us with the information we give them and be healthy
and happy and vibrant. We’re trying very hard to help patients get off of
medications that can twist the mind and harden the heart. Remember that
medications are treatments and fix nothing. The heart is also a mirror of the
body, like your teeth, it can give you a view into the general health of the
body. This is why our Heart Sound Recorder is so valuable. We are here to help

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Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live Well

-Dr. Mark