Holiday Foods and Drinks

 Hello Natural Health Family! I imagine everyone enjoyed what they could on Halloween weekend, maybe treating yourself to some candy or scary movies. I wanted to talk about what to keep in mind as we move into the holiday season. 

I wanted to talk about the food and drinks we might consume during the holidays. Now, by no means am I saying to entirely keep yourself from enjoying good food and having drinks with family and friends. However, just like anything in life, when we overindulge in things, it may cause us to break good habits which leads to other choices that direct us away from good health. It can be tempting to eat many of the sugar filled foods that we are going to see. Nonetheless, it is always up to us to decide what we will choose to do. 

The holidays are a great time for spending moments with family and friends. When we change our intentions of what the holidays are about then we will change how we spend them. Many people have different mindsets during the holidays. Some may think about not eating just some of the turkey but the whole turkey, like it’s is some kind of food eating challenge. Some people dread the idea that they have to wear certain clothes or talk to a certain relative that always gets on his or her nerves. This comes from a habitual way of thinking that causes us to be stuck with certain motives and decisions that we make during the holiday season. However, when we change our perspective and our intention before the experience then we influence our thinking during the event.

Setting our intention can be very powerful for us to experience new things in life. Not just before holidays events but even everyday. When we set our intention to enjoy whatever is at hand or maybe instead of criticizing every detail to seeing the good in all the aspects of our life, then we are telling our minds to look for the good. Just like if you are expecting a certain person to be the way you think they will be then you will always see exactly that attitude in that person. When we change our mindset from what is all the food we can eat to how can i really enjoy spending time with loved ones, then more of our attention and energy will be set on that outcome. We will not be so tempted to overindulge. This will help you to keep healthy habits and enjoy more of your time with family. 

The holiday season is meant to bring loved ones together so that we can enjoy others’ company. Yes, every family has some stress during the season but when we change our mindset from how bad things could go to all the good that can come, then we create more fun. Give it a try and set your intention before the day. See what great things come into your life. Have a great day! – Dr. Chip