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     If you like hot weather, you must have liked the weekend. I was amazed at the difference in the wind direction when coming from the south, it was very humid but as the wind changed to the north, the humidity went down and it sure was a nice day yesterday. We need a little rain but I guess in God’s good time we’ll get some. I hope that you were able to get outside in the fresh air and soak up some sun. Sunshine activates vitamin D and helps your body to clean itself out and get rid of the byproducts of winter. I keep reminding people that  sea salt or mineral salt is a very important item now, especially because of the humidity and the fact that we are sweating more than we think. I always get push back though because most people are so brainwashed into the theory that salt causes blood pressure problems so you can’t have any salt. That may be true for processed white junk salt but not for good quality sea salt. Don’t forget that when people become exhausted from dehydration, the Medics put them on a saline drip IV in their arm to rehydrate them which is salt water. This brainwashing issue goes right along with the article that I have included this week.

      The article talks about the Wuhan lab leak Theory and how all the Brainiac scientist were totally against it but have had to backpedal with the actual evidence coming forth. There is so much of this backpedaling with the  lockdown and masks information and even it’s becoming very apparent that the jab is causing some major problems not just in a few people but many many people. At Natural Health, we take a different approach than following a narrative from the Big Pharma Salesforce or mainstream medicine who basically follows their information. Our treatments and information are things that actually work with the body and strengthen the body so that you don’t need treatments and have problems with bugs. The old adage of “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” has never been so true. Don’t forget that we have free consultations for those who just want to ask us questions about what we do and that we have many videos on and YouTube and Rumble, that they can watch which explains a lot of what we talk about. One of the main ways to get our information is through a website and signing up for our weekly Newsletter/ blog, which you are getting already, but any of your friends and family can sign up for. We only send out one per week because we know you get plenty others, but the information is very important. We also have a list of Independent Media that people need to at least pay some attention too to get the actual information and not the mainstream narrative bought and paid for by their advertisers. We’re here to help you be actually, truly healthy.

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