How Emotions Affect the Adrenals and Thyroid

 Hey Everyone, before I get to my personal story, if you are conquering your New Year’s Resolutions! Congrats! If you’re about to give up, DON’T! You have to understand that you have to make it a habit for it to stick within the mind. It’s like learning a new skill. If you give up, you won’t be able to perform that new skill. If you stick with it, you will be living your life with that Resolution effortlessly. It comes to sticking with it. You achieving your resolution or not comes down to you and only you. No one else. Be determined and just keep moving forward. The ending of achieving your resolution is much closer than you think. It’s not always going to be this hard. Think about how easy you can write your name, it will become just as easy. You just have to keep going to condition that mind! But Anyways….

Here is my personal story for you from this topic that I hope inspires you. I grew up as one of the kiddos that loved being expressive. The connectedness I felt from others was comforting. Being a kid is exciting, I just had a blast yesterday playing with my 3-year-old nephew and made me feel I was a kid again. Kids are great and playing with him made me feel that same connectedness I remember feeling with all my grade school friends. But, I grew up like everyone else does. It’s just all a part of the ride.  During my time growing up, I seemed to have fear conditioned with my thinking from childhood that created me to be anxious and depressed. This playful sincere kid transferred into fearing that the world is out to get him and everything that I did was never good enough. 

Fear is a strong emotion and can cause a lot of dis-ease to the body, all the way to the cellular level. The body, which is just a community of 30-50 trillion cells, is always listening to the thoughts and emotions that are conditioned in the mind. My cells didn’t have eyes to know what was going on outside so my mind was in control to give my cells the signals to produce healthy cells or diseased cells. It all came down to the thoughts and emotions that were causing disease to my adrenals and thyroid. Being stressed out WAS an everyday thing for me. The interesting part about my childhood is that there were students in my class that weren’t anxious or depressed. They didn’t have issues with school work or did not get nervous speaking in front of people. I probably wasn’t the only one thinking this way, but it came down to my own personal mindset that made me fear almost everything outside of me and my thyroid and adrenal cells were getting the signal. This caused anxiety and nervousness. Not being able to express myself properly to others and having a hard time in school, it made me depressed…

I’m a big boy now, so I decided to take this into my own hands and learn what was really going on. I’m very excited that I did. Everyone is different, just like all my classmates in grade school. For me, I used to wake up and instantly go into fear mode and be worried about what might happen today. That conditioning I created over time made me react with anger and many other negative emotions. Now my life is much calmer because I changed myself from within and the outside reflects that. Including my cells. My thyroid and adrenals are healing and have no disease in them because the proper signal I give them. I have much more energy than ever. Much more calmer. Not depressed. Happy and inspired to help those in need. Now I wake up feeling relaxed and grateful for the journey that I learned from to be who I am today. The best thing is, anyone can do this! 

The change of the mindset is where it is at and will be the deciding factor of your cells to produce a healthy cell or an unhealthy cell. You have to decide what type of life you want to live in, a stressful one or a relaxing one! I know it’s easier said than just being done. I have been through the trials and tribulations to paint you the smoothest transition to your ideal life. I now offer a Life Coaching Program that will take your life to a much more empowering yet peaceful life. Which is exactly what I am experiencing, I’m living proof my program works.  Please sign up for the Initial Life Coaching Visit if you’re ready to stop living with so much negativity in your life and be free from the mind that causes stress to your body and life.

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