How To Eat, Is Essential

 Hello world, Enjoying the fresh spring air? Well I want to bring to your awareness another factor that could help your digestion. I see this being overlooked by many people because our society is designed to have us always on the move. Many of us pack a lunch to go, go through a drive-through, and are eat while doing other things. If you do this and have digestion issues, I recommend reading further. Our bodies are perfectly designed and it’s natural state of being is being healthy. Meaning you are not supposed to have any digestive issues. Nor any health concerns. There is something that you may be doing wrong that is causing your symptoms. That is why it’s called, dis-ease. Opposite of your body at ease. 

Your body has 2 systems within the autonomic nervous system. Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS) and Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS). SNS is the fight or flight nervous system to create more blood flow to our arms and legs to survive. PNS is the rest, repair, and digest system so it allows the blood to be more centralized within the internal organs to repair and digest our food. When we have disease in the body we need to allow ourselves to be in a parasympathetic state in order to heal and to digest our food.

The issue that many have today is that 70% of the day we are living our day stuck using our sympathetic nervous system. Meaning that throughout the whole day we think we are getting chased by a tiger or fighting off a bear when we could be sitting in a car or at work. Body is not getting the adequate time to rest, repair and digest the food being the Parasympathetic state. That being said, we need to always be eating in this relaxed state to allow ourselves to get the most out of our food and not cause internal disease within the digestive system. Another point for the body is that your body doesn’t know what is real and what is imagined as it relates to our thoughts/emotions. We could be at the dinner table angry at the person sitting with us, hate ourselves for what we did in the past, worried about what is going to happen tomorrow, or given ourselves guilt about what we are eating. All of these will not put us in the correct state to digest our food. 

My recommendations on eating is to always sit down and focus on what you are eating. Bring your awareness to your food and enjoy every sensation that comes with it, every taste, every bite that you are super grateful for having in your life. There is even research backing up what gratitude does for your body with the absorption of food. Gratitude will even bring you into the rest and digest state. If you find yourself looking to the future or the past, just come back to the amazing food that is in front of you. Breathe slowly as if you were there resting. Fast breathing indicates conditioning that you are in a survival state.

Enjoy your food. Be grateful for your food. Love your food. And relax. You can maximize what you spend for food by absorbing the most of it by being in the correct state. If you absorb more of the food, you won’t be as hungry all the time and could save you money and time in the long run.

Take care,