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     What a beautiful weekend. We even had a little rain in there to keep the grass green. I’m so thankful that the  tree leaves are so green yet which gives us hope that fall will be here for quite a while longer. Fall is such a great time of year, it’s just what comes after that worries me. Especially with the condition of this country’s citizens’ immune system with all the Jabs and such. I wonder how it’s going to turn out. At Natural Health, we’re working hard to get our patients immune systems in Tip-Top shape for the winter and have good suggestions on keeping it that way. True actual Health has never been more important and I hope everyone out there is taking that into consideration with all the craziness going on.


The article that I’m enclosing looks at some of the myths surrounding the vaccine craziness and talking points about keeping the immune system strong. One of the things that people don’t realize is if they rely on vaccines for their health, they forget about actually getting the body healthy and using diet and nutrition to help the body work the way it’s supposed to. I hope and pray that as this information comes out, there will be an intelligent conversation using actual real scientific data to not only get patients and people to understand, but get the administrative powers that be to understand that supporting the immune system and true actual health is much more important than treatment after a person has gotten sick. Yes we do need the treatment options available but most of the illness in this country can be prevented. This idea of chronic illness is our topic of the month here at Natural Health and we talked a lot about it during our health shops. I know that people work hard and feel that their insurance is all they need but that is just for treating disease processes, which can be very expensive. I hope that as this information comes out people can see that the need to keep themselves healthy and prevent all these disease processes is much more important. I also hope people will look for alternative paradigms in healthcare rather than relying on the white coats and hospitals as their paradigm is in treatment, not prevention. We all want and need to be healthy but know what actual Health really is, and not being on medication and having surgeries but avoiding all those unnecessary interventions.

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